About the Neopets Hive...

    The Neopets Hive was created in November of 2002 to cover the Invasion of Meridell. It also listed Battledome opponent locations, information about never released and upcoming opponents, as well as info about the mysterious Jelly World. We also posted an article about how boring the Virtupets Space Station was, and suggested that all visitors to the site submit a request for a VirtuMoon (now known as Kreludor). That summer, the link for Kreludor first appeared.

    A few years ago, we altered our site to match the "original" Neopets look so that it'd be a more visually-appealing site to visit. Then, we received so many visitors during the Mystery Island Volcano Plot that we decided to give the site one final facelift to its present form. As soon as the plot was over, we started to add loads of new content to the site in the form of a Newbie Guide, a Daily To-Do's list, Defenders of Neopia comics, and much more. We also started to cover the progress of any new worlds planned by the Neopets Team.

    Our current mission is to work with other webmasters to provide reliable sources of information on everything Neopets for users of all ages and experience levels.

    This is and always has been a non-profit site that operates solely to inform and entertain users of Neopets.com. We regularly donate NP and items to the Money Tree as part of our continuing effort to help those in need, and our main goal is to inform new users about the Neopets site, as well as to warn them about the dangers in and around Neopia.

    Thank you for visiting the Neopets Hive! We hope it helps!

About Me...

    Hey everyone! My name is Aaron Pacheco (also known as prince_raptor), and I am the one and only webmaster of the Neopets Hive.

    A little about me... this spring, I graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor's Degree in Television/Radio/Film and a minor in Psychology. Aside from working on the Neopets Hive, I've been working on a few other sites that play to a few of my other loves. I've also been working at a local access TV studio to learn more about the art and business of television production (which, I've got to admit, is really cool).

    While I do enjoy just working on websites and such, I'm actually hoping to one day make a career of my passion for TV, movies, and video games. I've always wanted to learn more about video game development, and one day I would love to create some new, innovative video game series. I'm also looking forward to getting work in TV or film production, and am hoping to have my first real job in either industry by the beginning of next year :)

    Other than that, there's nothing really exciting about my life, so please enjoy my site and let me know if there's anything I can do to improve it.

-Aaron Pacheco
AKA prince_raptor
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