Altador City Wall

Altador City Wall

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    You might be wondering where you're supposed to go from here... well, there are some locations in Mirror World with hidden links. This is one of those locations. Sometimes you can find the link by moving your mouse back and forth over an image to see if there's a hidden link.

    Other times, however, you'll have to find a secret link hidden on one of the world maps, which already have numerous links embedded in them already. In this case, you should highlight the title of the page by clicking and dragging, and then use the TAB button on your keyboard to highlight each of the links on that page one by one. Remember this technique, because it might come in handy later on.

    Of course, sometimes this feature doesn't work, so the last resort is, of course, going to VIEW and then SOURCE using Internet Explorer. Other programs may have similar functions which could help you locate links or codes secretly hidden around the site.