Darigan's Trophies


Meridell's Opponents

    These are a combination of the used and unused opponents from the Invasion of Meridell. Anyone who sided with Meridell had to fight these guys.

Character Picture Description Location Difficulty
Drackonack Drackonack.
(1 point per win.)
Draconian Moehog Only one thing makes this Invader happy, and that's making the people of Meridell as miserable and angry as himself!
(2 points per win.)
Skeith's don't seem to mind which side they're on, as long as there is enough to eat! (That can't be true!)
(3 points per win.)
The Horde The Horde.
(5 points per win.)
Zombified Heroes Zombified Heroes.
(10 points per win.)
Draconian Grarrl Draconian Grarrl.
(AKA Grarrl General.)
(20 points per win.)
Darigan Elemental Darigan Elemental.
(50 points per win.)
Lord Darigan Lord Darigan.
(100 points per win.)
Spectre of Lord Darigan Spectre of Lord Darigan. 5000
These creatures were Draconians that never made the final cut.
Master Vex Master Vex is a prison warden who is incredibly bored. Lord Darigan has entrusted him to keep his dungeons safe and secure, however this is a full time job, and Vex rarely gets to see any daylight at all. X
Darigan Scorchio It is rumored some Scorchios feel more at home on the Invader's side. (I hope that isn't true!) X
Darigan Grundo Don't rub these Grundos the wrong way! These once friendly creatures won't think twice about tearing you apart! X
Darigan Techo The most ferocious looking of the Invaders, this beast works hard to live up to his nasty image! X
Darigan Grarrl Invader Grarrls are not known to make idle threats. You would do well to choose your course of action wisely! X
Darigan Buzz These dark lords know only victory or death. There is no returning to Meridell for these lost souls. X

    NOTE: Before the frightening Neopets from the Darigan Citadel were dubbed "Darigan Neopets" they were known as "Draconians."