You find yourself at the front gates of Faerieland standing next to Fyora...

You have solved the Mirror World Mystery plot!

I'll bet you're a little confused right now. Well,
allow me to clear things up a little bit. I am Fyora,
Queen of the Faeries. 1,000 years ago, my world
was threatened by the Darkest Faerie...

In a sinister attempt to take control of both
Faerieland and Talador, the Darkest Faerie
waged war on our two worlds. All seemed lost
until a sorceress named Jerdana created a
magical artifact that could imprison darkness
in stone forever!

That item was Jerdana's Orb. With the last
of my power, I used Jerdana's Orb to stop
that Darkest Faerie before her evil progressed
too far.

I was fortunate, for the orb's magic
saved thousands from the wickedness of
the Darkest Faerie and her minions...
people like the Dark Faerie Sisters who
you managed to outsmart at the beginning
of this plot!

Yes, I created this world and engineered
everything you were forced to encounter...
the Snowickle, Moltenore, and Turmac quests,
the Bottled Earth and Dark Faeries,
even my own disappearance.

The fact of the matter is,
there is always some evil planning to attack
Neopia, whether it be Dr. Sloth, the Three,
Lord Darigan, or the Darkest Faerie. We were
fortunate... Dr. Sloth was stopped before
he could make his return, but that doesn't mean
that Neopia is safe. By presenting this problem to Neopia,
I've managed to identify the most capable heroes in the world.
People like you are the ones who save Neopia from danger
on a regular basis, and you've shown me
that you are more than ready to face whatever
danger threatens Neopia in the not-so-distant future.

I'm not too sure of how I should thank you...
Hmmm... well, let me see if I can muster a little
something for ya *wink* *wink*.

Thanks again!

With that, the Faerie Queen vanishes in a flash of light and returns to her maze to await the arrival of the next plot champion. As you return to the Mirror World, you notice hundreds of others getting tested just as you were. It'd be nice for you to help them complete their quest, just be sure not to ruin it for them. Remember, this is a test of their skills so that they will one day be ready to fend off whatever evil threatens Neopia in the months to come...


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