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Last updated: June 27, 2006

Jelly World
Jelly World Neoboard

Jelly World has been available for a few years now, though the Neopets Team *usually* doesn't acknowledge its existence. It is currently the only world in Neopia that doesn't appear on the revamped Explore map, but rest assured, it DOES exist! As do various items and images based on the hidden locale :)


You can access the Jelly World Neoboard by clicking the link above, and you can post on it by using this method from our friends over at Tine Neo Help. First click "New Topic." Then, paste the following text in your address bar:

javascript:alert(document.forms[2].board_id.options[document.forms[2].board_id.options.length]=new Option("Jelly World","18"))

A box will pop up - click okay, and then select Jelly World from the dropdown menu.

(Thanks to Vampire_Genesis and

Jelly Poogle
Jelly Shoyru
Jelly World
Jelly Pupplyblew
Orange Jelly


Jelly Pets can only be obtained through the Lab Ray or Fountain Faerie Quests, since the Jelly Paint Brush has not been released.

Jelly Petpets can only be obtained through the Petpet Lab Ray.


There are currently two Jelly World-themed games: Jelly Blobs of Doom and Bouncy Supreme. Neither can be found on the Games page of, but both can be found on the Jelly World map or by using the Navigation Bar's search function.


Even though Jelly World was not included in the 2006 Altador Cup tournament, the elusive world did send representatives to the event... as the Practice Team :)

Also, take a look at this cool Jelly Cybunny created by Lina at PinkPt. At the moment, Cybunnies aren't available in the colour Jelly, but we figured we'd include this image because it looks cool.