Ever since this site was created, the Neopets Hive has been committed to providing quality and reliable information. Sometimes we cannot provide all of the information you need, however, so we have compiled a list of AMAZING sites that, we believe, stand out from the rest. Pretty much every site here is proven itself to be extraordinary, and that is why we are proud to have them as our affiliates.


One of the few well informed and reliable news sites out there today is Jelly Neo. Visit daily for lots of unreleased Neopets goodies.

Another excellent site for news and guides, NeoLodge has a great deal of quality content that you should definitely check out.

Neo Nutters of Neopia has quickly grown into an impressive and reliable daily news site. Check it out to see what else is going on in Neopia.

Fish Negg Plushie

JellyNeo's ItemDB is an excellent database of Neopets items created by our friends over at JellyNeo.

An old and respected site, nBn has a ton of great content you should take a look at whenever you get the chance.

One of our newest affiliates, SunnyNeo has some excellent content, graphics, and layouts for anyone looking to add a little flavor to their user lookups.

Battledome Battlepedia

The In-Depth Battlepedia has a list of all weapons, neggs, and faerie abilities, as well as a list of Battledome opponents and their weapons. Check this site out for a list of the top 50 Neopets, a list of the most suggested weapons, and a whole lot more.

In-Depth Neodaq - If you want to one day become a Neopian millionaire, then this is the site for you. Use their Stock Report Card and other features to invest your Neopoints in the Neopian Stock Market.

One of the best Neoquest guides you'll find, you absolutely must add the In-Depth Neoquest Guide to your favorites if you plan to beat either version of Neoquest.


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NOTE: While we try very hard to ensure that only quality websites are listed on this page, we cannot monitor every site 100% of the time. If one of these sites is no longer living up to the high quality standards of the Neopets Hive's affiliate program, then please let us know and we will rectify the problem immediately.



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