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    Maraqua existed long ago, in the days of early Neopets. Then, on August 17, 2001, a plot started that would bring an end to the underwater world... known as "A Curse on Maraqua," the animated plot showed how the evil Captain Scarblade (originally a Pirate Skeleton Kiko) and his crew decended upon Maraqua, confronted King Kelpbeard (originally a timid orange Koi), and told him he would pay if he didn't pay the pirates what Maraqua owed them.

    The original plot was removed from the site during the "Curse of Maraqua" plot and war in 2005 because of the continuity errors between the two plots.

A gigantic whirlpool, some ten miles in diameter, continually spins here above the site of the once proud city of Maraqua.

Nobody knows who or what caused it, or if it is ever going to stop. One thing is for certain and that is Maraqua is no more. Its buildings destroyed, its inhabitants lost, and its treasures and riches forever strewn across the sea bed.


    A whirlpool replaced the original location of Maraqua, and for almost a year, it continued to swirl. Then, on May 31, 2002, the whirlpool slowed...

    At first, there was barely anything visible from up above...

At last the whirlpool has finally slowed. If you stare really hard down into the darkness you can begin to see the wreckage of the once proud city of Maraqua.

Undoubtedly a few brave adventurers will overcome their fears and plunge down into the murky waters. Only then will we learn more about what happened down there and if there is anything that may be salvaged.

    In the time since, three key events have happened. First, an enormous slug creature appeared. Then, a bizarre statue. Lately, creatures have been mysteriously appearing.

*UPDATE* The Invasion of New Maraqua is over. Please visit our guide for more info.



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