Neopets - Illusen's Glade

Illusen's Glade

Hi there!
Illusen says 'Welcome to my home...'

I've been living in Meridell for years now, it's so peaceful and serene (and I get to be as far away from those Dark Faeries as possible!) Anyway, I have a couple of jobs that you may be interested in. If you can fetch me some items from around Neopia, I can reward you with some of these cool things I have made over the years... aren't they pretty!

How about we start off with a few easy errands, and go from there. I don't want to waste TOO much of your time but I really do have to get these items you know...

Unfortunately, if you don't find my item within the time limit, then I'm going to put you right back on the easy quests! Interested??


I Accept!    Back to Meridell