Neopets - Attack of the Slorgs

Attack of the Slorgs

Meridell. Home to some of the finest fruits and vegetables in the whole of Neopia. At least that is true most of the time, for when the icky, nasty Slorgs decide they are hungry there is not a farmer in the land who can stop them.

In Attack of the Slorgs you play a resourceful Yurble farmer who has decided to take things into his own hands. You have spent the last few weeks making your Slorgeriser X4, a machine that spits out balls of Slorg-B-Gone.


Slorgs can only be repelled by balls of Slorg-B-Gone that are the same colour as them, and it has to be at least three of them at a time. If you fail to repel the Slorgs, they will increase in number - so watch out! Use the arrow keys to aim the Slorgeriser right and left, and press the Space Bar to fire.

Good luck, Meridell is counting on you!

- Attack of the Slorgs -


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World : Meridell
Game Type : Action
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75 NP per 100 pts scored
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