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Stinky: Turdle One
Stinky is fastest turdle this side of Tyrannia. If you think he is losing, think again, as Stinky is reknowned for unexpected last-second victories!
Odds 3:1.
Poopy: Turdle Two
Poopy is a cunning little turdle, employing every trick in the book to make sure he comes in first.
Odds 4:1.
Smelly: Turdle Three
Smelly's unique advantage is that other turdles keep well away from him, mainly due to the fact he never washes!
Odds 5:1.
Squelchy: Turdle Four
Squelchy sometimes sticks to the floor... so if you see him not moving for a while, he probably needs a little shove.
Odds 7:1.
Nutty: Turdle Five
This crazy turdle will do anything he can to run straight for the finish line, but beware - expending lots of energy makes him prone to randomly falling asleep.
Odds 9:1.


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