Meridell's Trophies


Darigan's Opponents

    These are all of the Battledome Opponents that Lord Darigan's allies had to battle.

Character Picture Description Location Difficulty
Morris Morris.
(1 point per win.)
Peasant Militia Mob Peasant Militia Mob.
(2 points per win.)
Green Knight Green Knight.
(3 points per win.)
Skeith Defender Skeith Defender.
(5 points per win.)
Lisha Lisha.
(10 points per win.)
Jeran Jeran.
(25 points per win.)
King Skarl King Skarl.
(50 points per win.)
Castle Defender Castle Defender.
(100 points per win.)
Spectre of Lord Darigan Spectre of Lord Darigan. 5000
These creatures were Defenders that never made the final cut.
Moehog Knight Known for his ability to work tirelessly plowing fields, this sturdy young fighter more then proves his mettle on the battlefield. X
Skeith Villager He moves slow and doesn't have much in the way of skills except for one thing - whatever he hits usually goes down! X
Scorchio Archer Scorchios are truly excellent archers. Give them a bow, and be ready to rain death upon your enemies! X
Grundo Mage Magical items find their true value in a Grundo's hands! X
Techo Swordsman Put a sword and shield in a Techo's hands and the battle is half won! X
Buzz Prophet Buzz Prophet. X
Kayla Kayla. X
Count Boris Count Boris. X