Neopets - NeoCola Machine

Neocola Machine

Far away on a distant moon (a.k.a. really nearby on Kreludor) there sits a mysterious Neocola Machine. Where did it come from? What is its purpose?

Everyone has heard about this mysterious machine but no one is really sure where it came from. All that is known of said machine is that it accepts strange tokens and dispenses items of such immense doom and destruction that only Sloth himself could be behind such a dastardly contraption. It is also said that those who don't know how to properly use the machine disappear and are never heard from again, though they all seem to leave a nice pile of sludge behind.

But that's all just a rumour. Hogwash, even. Nothing could be that full of doom. If you've got one of those special tokens, why not give it the machine a try and prove the theories wrong? It can't hurt, right? Right?!



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