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Abbreviations - Neopets Shorthand

    Sometimes Neopets users will use all sorts of weird abbreviations in Neomails and chats. As a new user, you probably have no idea what they're talking about, so here is a quick lesson in Neopets shorthand! We've also added a few slang words that you should probably become familiar with.

Avie - Avatar (Those little pictures that are used on the Neoboards and appear next to name in Neomails)

BC - Beauty Contest (a weekly competition)
BD - Battledome
(Where your Neopets go to battle each other and one-player opponents), Battle Duck (Battledome item)
BoD - Bow of Destiny (Powerful Battledome item)

CC - Caption Contest (a weekly competition)
CoM - Curse of Maraqua
(Neopets plot)

DBD - Dark Battle Duck (Battledome item)
DoN - Defenders of Neopia
(activity which rewards trophies to anyone who defeats the target villains)

ETS - Easy-to-sell (any item that can often be sold at a reasonable price or for a profit)

FQD - Faerie Queen Doll (a Hidden Tower Item worth 2,000,000 Neopoints.)

HatIC - Hannah and the Ice Caves (Neopets plot)
H4K - H4000 Helmet
(powerful Battledome item)
HH - Hypno Helmet
(old Battledome item that freezes your opponent, now H4000 Helmet)
HP - Hit Points (your Neopet's maximum life), Honey Potion (powerful once-per-battle Battledome item)
HT - Hidden Tower (secret location with rare and powerful items)
HTS - Hard-to-sell (any item that is difficult to sell at a reasonable price)

IBD - Icy Battle Duck (powerful Battledome item)
IDB - In-Depth Battlepedia
(a Neopets help site)

JN - JellyNeo (a Neopets help site)
JS - Jade Scorchstone (a powerful Battledome item) Also abbreviated: Jade SS

Kad - Kadoatie (a cat-like petpet that can be fed at the Kadoatery)
K - Thousand
(refers to Neopoints, for instance, 10K = 10,000 NP)

LC - Lenny Conundrum (a weekly competition)

LDD - Lost Desert Dagger (Battledome item)

MP - Morphing Potion (special potions which can change your Neopet's color and species), also, Mystery Pic (a weekly competition)
MW - Mirror World (our version of Neopia)

NeoN - NeoNonsense (a Neopets help site)
Newbie - Somebody who is new to a specific game or community.
NFT - Not For Trade (any lot at the trading post that the owner wants to keep)
NN - National Neopian (the Neopian bank)
NNN - NeoNewsNow (a Neopets help site)
NNoN - Neo Nutters of Neopia (a Neopets help site)
n00b - Somebody who acts like a novice regardless of experience (which is a bad thing).
NQ - NeoQuest (a popular Neopets game)
NT - Neopian Times (weekly collection of stories and news published by the Neopets Team)

PB - Paintbrush (used to change your Neopet's color)
PPP - Petpetpet (a friend for your Petpet)
PPT - Pink Poogle Toy (a Neopets help site)
Pwned - Somebody misspelled "owned" and now others use it.

RoDN - Rod of Dark Nova (powerful Battledome item)
RoDS - Return of Dr. Sloth (Neopets plot)
RSB - Ramtors Spellbook (powerful Battledome item)

SAP - Seasonal Attack Pea (Very powerful Battledome item)
SDB - Safety Deposit Box
(where you put your most valuable items)
SoS - Sword of Skarsden (powerful Battledome item)
SW - Shop Wizard

TAG - The Auction Genie
TCG - Trading Card Game

TNC - The Neopian Commentary (a Neopets fan site)
TNH - Tine Neo Help (a Neopets help site)
TNT - The Neopets Team (the people responsible for the Neopets site)
TP - Trading Post (location on Mystery Island)
TSW - The Search Wizard
TT - Thyoras Tear (powerful Battledome item)
TY - Thank you

Wiz - Short for "Shop Wizard"