Neopets - Altador

After a flash of blinding, white light you find yourself transported to a mysterious city.

Altador and its heroes have returned after a thousand year slumber. While the city begins to flourish as it once had long ago, many Neopians wonder how it came to disappear in the first place.

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JellyNeo Presents - Altador Plot

Altador is a legendary world that was first discovered in the Spring of 2006. The first sign of the upcoming world came when a mysterious statue appeared in the Ruins of Maraqua in 2003. Although this was hardly proof of a brave new world, further proof later arrived in the form of cards from the Neopets Trading Card Game. Card number three in the set was The Darkest Faerie, who many recognized as the figure frozen in stone in the Ruins of Maraqua. The next clue came from card number 59... Jerdana's Orb, the item around the mysterious statue's neck. This, of course, led people to wonder about card 58, Jerdana. According to the card's description, Jerdana "was one of the rulers of Talador. 'Was,' that is, before the Darkest Faerie arrived." There was also an interesting card entitled Siyana of Talador which further gave us hope that a new world would soon be released.

Before long, news of a Neopets Playstation game based on the Darkest Faerie leaked out. Although the game was delayed, it was eventually released exclusively on the PS2 console and further delved into the story of the Darkest Faerie. Unfortunately, it was more focused on her actions in and around Meridell and Faerieland than it was with her actions in Talador, so again we waited.

Long before the game's November 2005 release, though, Neopets users noticed something strange about one of the cards in the Curse of Maraqua TCG Expansion Set... Defender of Ador displayed a Lupe King and the, by now, well recognized Jerdana. Some thought it strange that "Talador" wasn't mentioned by name, but many just assumed this was just further proof of the world's eventual release.

On March 1st, 2006, however, the new world was revealed and could only be accessed via a portal in Faerie City. Oddly enough, though, it wasn't Talador that some brave explorers had discovered on the other side of Neopia... it was Altador. For legal reasons, the Neopets Team was required to change the name of their new world to Altador, but that didn't take away from the fact that an exciting new world had finally been discovered after years of waiting.

Over the next few months, Altador was the center of an interesting but drawn out plot which further delved into the history of Altador, especially with respect to the Darkest Faerie's role in its downfall. Once the plot was over, the Neopets Team surprised us all with yet another major event - the Altador Cup! Based in Altador and coinciding with the real world Soccer World Cup, the Altador Cup set Neopia's sixteen distinct worlds (minus Jelly World, Geraptiku, and Neopia Central) against each other in a Yooyuball Tournament.

Aside from the plot and the Altador Cup, there's relatively little going on in Altador... it's got shops which sell petpets, weapons, defenses, and food, but as of yet, no games or special features. Be sure to keep an eye on this world, though... you never know what's gonna happen here next!