Welcome to the Neopia Auction House

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    If you have an item or items you want to put up for auction, or if you want to see if you can get a deal on an item you need, then the Neopian Auction House is the place to visit.

    The auction house works like a regular auction in real life. A person will put an item up for auction, list a starting price, an increment for increase, and they must determine how long they want the item to be up for auction. If an item is not bid on, it will return to the owner's inventory after a brief period of time (NOTE: Depending on how many auctions are being processed by the Neopets servers, it can take anywhere from no time to a few hours before you receive your item. To see how long it will take your completed auction to be processed, visit the Status page).

    Example: A Har Codestone could be put up for auction with a starting price of 2000 Neopoints and an increment of 500 Neopoints. In order for a person to bid on the item, they must bid between 2500 Neopoints (the starting price + the increment) and 4000 Neopoints (the starting price + the maximum bid increase, 2000 Neopoints). You cannot bid more than 2000 Neopoints higher than the previous or starting bid. Once you have bid on an item, another person will have to beat your bid before the auction time has expired in order to win the auction. Have the highest bid before the auction expires to win the items you desire.

    By putting an object up for auction, there's a chance that people who really want your item will pay more Neopoints for it than they normally would. This is especially useful on rare or valuable items. Likewise, you may be able to get an item for less than it's worth by going to the Auction House. In order to bid, you must have the amount of Neopoints needed to place a bid with you. To see how many Neopoints you currently have with you, look at the left navigation bar under your user name and pet name.

    To put an item up for auction, go to your INVENTORY, select the item you want to auction, select "Put up for auction," and fill in the information asked for - Starting bid, bid increment, and the length of time you want your auction to last for. Your item will then be listed in your inventory with this: (auctioned).