Chat Preferences

    Avatars are images that appear under your name whenever you post a message on the Neopets Chat Boards (Neoboards). One avatar for every species (except the Ruki and Yurble), the six basic faeries, and the "Lumpy" Christmas Rock is available automatically.

    Aside from the provided avatars, there are over 100 secret avatars which can be found around the site by different methods. Some are more difficult to find than others, and some have been retired and are no longer available.

    To change your avatar, select "Chat Preferences" at the top of the page.

    A few notes: First, the number of secret avatars you have found can be seen on your user look-up page. Secondly, the seventeen users with the most secret avatars receive trophies.

    Take a look at our Avatars page for a list of Avatar locations.