Welcome to the National Neopian Bank

The National Neopian Bank

    When exploring Neopets.com, you're bound to find or need Neopoints sooner or later. Neopoints are the currency of the site, and can be used to purchase items, play certain games, and other exciting things. Neopoints (NP) are rewarded for to Neopets users for participating in contest and playing games, they can be found by visiting different locations around Neopia, and they can also be given to you by Random Events that pop up randomly around the site. However, your Neopoints are always in danger if you keep them with you, as some Random Events can take your Neopoints away.

    To prevent your Neopoints from getting stolen, all extra Neopoints should be deposited into the National Neopian Bank. As long as your Neopoints are in the bank, evil creatures around the site like the Tax Beast (who takes 10% of the Neopoints you're holding) and wandering ghosts can't take them from you. Also, when you have Neopoints in the bank, they collect interest daily! Just make sure you manually collect your interest when you start playing each day, because if you deposit or withdraw money, you'll lose your interest for the day.

Something has happened!
Not been paying your bills eh? The Tax Beast arrives and takes 10% of your Neopoints away!

    As you earn more and more Neopoints, be sure to upgrade the level of your account. The more Neopoints you have in the bank, the higher your interest rate.

    When visiting the bank, be sure not to withdraw Neopoints too many times in one day. After fifteen withdrawals, the bank staff will get angry with you and refuse to serve you. You can only deposit up to 999,999 Neopoints at a time.