Aside from the random and more difficult quests, there are also more simple quests around Neopia. You can complete up to five of any of these quests per day, although you must be very cautious because many quests ask you to get very expensive items with very little reward. The key is becoming familiar with the price of the items commonly asked for by each quest and knowing the kind of rewards awarded for success.


Name: Brain Tree

Desires: The place and year of a random Neopet character's death.
Reward: Random items and Neopoints.
Note - Start this quest first. Then, see how expensive the Esophagor's first quest is. If reasonable, complete it for the first answer. Repeat for the second. When you have both answers, return to the Brain Tree.

Name: Esophagor

Desires: Spooky Food Items.
Reward: The answers to the Brain Tree's questions.
Note - This quest must be completed TWICE, once for the place of death, once for the year.

Name: Edna the Witch

Desires: Usually, Spooky Foods.
Reward: Spooky Items, Battledome Items

Name: Underwater Chef

Desires: Random Food Items
Reward: Aquatic Food, Island Petpets, Increased Stats, and Battledome Items

Name: Taelia the Snow Faerie

Desires: Expensive Candy and Winter Foods
Reward: Anything from Snowballs to Rare Battledome Items.