Neopets - Better Than You

    Better Than You is "the greatest, most fantabulous game show in Neopia." Every week, a famous Neopian personality such as Count von Roo, Meuka, the Brain Tree, or the Spider Grundo will challenge all of Neopia to beat their score in a certain game. Depending on how quickly you can beat their challenge, you may win a rare item, a trophy, and some Neopoints:

FIRST PRIZE First 10 people 20,000 Neopoints
SECOND PRIZE Winners 11-50 10,000 Neopoints
THIRD PRIZE Winners 51-500 3,000 Neopoints
RUNNER-UP Winners 501-5000 1,000 Neopoints

    Do you have what it takes to beat some of the contestants, or are they really Better Than You???