Neopets - Faeries of Neopia

    Bottled Faeries are items found around Neopia and in shops which are used to give your Neopet species Battledome abilities. There are seven kinds of Bottled Faeries that exist in Neopia, although the Bottled Grey Faerie has not yet been released to the public. In order of their appearance below, these are the Bottled Earth, Wind, Dark, Light, Water, Fire, and Grey Faeries.

    Neopia is the home of unlimited numbers of magical faeries. Some are good and like to help Neopets and their owners. Others are evil. A long time ago, a Lupe known as Balthazar was abandoned by his owner. When he asked for help from some Dark Faeries, they laughed at him and attacked him. After years of fighting to survive, Balthazar decided to become a Faerie Bounty Hunter to exact revenge on the creatures that scorned him. He now travels around Neopia with magical bottles which he uses to capture faeries. He then brings them to Kauvara's Magic Shop where they are sold for a huge profit. At 6:00 AM Neopian Standard Time (Pacific Time) every Wednesday, Balthazar likes to donate a bunch of Bottled Faeries at the Money Tree. He also leaves some around the site to be found during Random Events.

    When you have a Bottled Faerie, it rests in your Inventory until it is used, given away, or put somewhere else like your Safety Deposit Box or Shop. To use a Bottled Faerie, you should first consult a chart which lists the abilities each Faeries your pet with for setting it free. Some very helpful charts are made available by the In-Depth Battlepedia:

Fire | Water | Earth | Air | Dark | Light
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    Some Faerie Abilities have no real purpose except as filler before you can receive a useful one. Others are really useful in the Battledome. Some highly recommended abilities are Sink, Burrow, Drain Life, Diamond Dust, Fiery Gaze, and Regeneration/Restore. Make sure your pet has a high enough level to be blessed with an ability before you release the Faerie, otherwise it will fly away without blessing your pet.

    If your pet has been blessed with an ability and your Neopets level later falls below the level requirement for that ability, your Neopet will not be affected.