Neopets - Caption Competition

    Every few days, the Neopets Team releases an all new Caption Contest. Here's how it works:

    First, a new picture is released. It is then up to you to come up with something witty that fits the given image. Here are the captions that one the contest pictured above:

By kirbyfan
Warning: Invisible Paint Brushes should not be used on walls...

By hannahslick
Uni With Poor Eyesight: I've just GOTTA find that Hidden Tower!
*craaash* Ouch! Hmm, I wonder where it could be?!? *Flies off*

By pegasus4217
Uni: It burns! It BURNS!!!
Faerie Slorg: What burns?
Uni: Oh, I don't know... I just wanted to be dramatic.

By joe_kangaroo
Faellie: Stupid Faerie Queen... I said to show us some of her POWERS, not flowers!

By scorpitariusrising
Faerie Slorg: Look! It really DOESN'T leave streaks!!!

By black_butterfly_
Slorg: Now, THIS is entertainment!

By aasann711
Vine: Oh, sure... now that everyone has wings,
they don't need me anymore. That's just great!

By occhiverdibabi
Fyora: It's okay, she doesn't have enough Neopoints to shop here, anyway!

By o0o_sam_o0o
Fyora: Next time, could you please use the door?
You wouldn't believe how expensive window panes are these days!

By ryan305391
Slorg: Wow, painting the Hidden Tower must've
taken an awful lot of invisible paint brushes....

    Winners of the Caption Contest receive 5,000-10,000 Neopoints, a rare item, and a cool trophy:

    One final note... rumor has it that using the Word of the Day in the Caption Contest will get you a special prize...