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    Although you can collect pretty much anything you want in Neopia, the three official collectables in Neopia are Stamps, Coins, and Evil Coconuts.

This sun has just risen over the giant pyramid in the Lost Desert.

    Stamps come in all shapes and sizes. There are over a dozen pages devoted to stamps in each user's stamp album. Each page has its own theme, such as Meridell vs. Darigan, Neoquest II, or the Battledome. Most stamps can be purchased at the Post Office Kiosk, but several are very, very rare and were only given out under special circumstances, such as a Mystery Pic or Sponsor prize. Once you put a stamp in your album, it cannot be removed.


    Similar to stamps, there are at least two pages in your stamp album devoted to coins. One page is for generic coins, one page for Virtupets-themed coins. Several coins can be purchased from the Coin Collection Shop.


    Nearly all Evil Coconuts in Neopia must be won from the Coconut Shy game in the Deserted Fairground. However, some are (or were) given out as prizes for different activities on the site.


    There are lots of other collections in Neopia. Some are semi-official because there are stores devoted to them, such as Usuki (and Quiguki) Dolls and sets, Collectable Trading Cards, etc. Other items are collected just for the sake of collecting them, such as plushies, Bottles of Sand, Lucky Green Boots, Pink Poogle Toys, Piles of Dung, or anything else for that matter!

    It should be noted that collections are simply for fun and have no real rewards. Unless you put you semi- or non-official collections in you shop, only your official collection of stamps, coins, and evil coconuts can be viewed by other Neopet users by visiting your user lookup.