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Invasion of Meridell Plot

Battle for Meridell Plot

    Shortly after Meridell was discovered in 2002, the forces of Lord Darigan attacked King Skarl's Castle. This was just the beginning, as within a matter of days the full force of the Darigan Army was in a long, drawn out war with the forces of Meridell. For the first time in Neopian history, the Neopets Users were competing to see who could defeat more of the opposing army's minions. In the end, Lord Darigan won the war, but not before he lost control and attempted to destroy all of Neopia. With the help of Neopians everywhere, especially Majal_Kita (Neopia's strongest Neopet), the Spectre of Lord Darigan was defeated and Neopia was saved.

    Then, in 2004, a new leader from the Darigan Citadel came to power - Lord Kass. Given mystical energy by a mysterious faction known as The Three, Kass waged war against Meridell in an attempt to finish what Lord Darigan could not. Although he came very close to the complete annihilation of Meridell, the countless Defenders of Meridell came to the rescue and Kass was destroyed, with much of the credit going to the Neopets User garet_jaxx and his Neopet Grephun.

    Now that the redeemed Lord Darigan has returned to power in the citadel, all is peaceful... at least for the time being.

Darigan Toys - A location to buy toys featuring Lord Kass, Lord Darigan, Darigan war opponents, or Darigan Neopets.

Petpet Arena - Enter this arena with one of your Neopets' petpets. Use different attack combinations to defeat computer controlled petpets that have experience levels similar to your own petpet. Win several matches to raise your petpet's level.

Minions of Darigan - A list of all Neopets who can be painted with the Darigan Paint Brush.

Cell Block - A puzzle game created by Master Vex in the dungeons of the Darigan Citadel.

Darigan Colouring - Coloring pages with a Darigan/Kass theme.

Lord Darigan's Chambers - Visit the redeemed Lord Darigan and his Grarrl General, Galgarrath, and see if they are still at peace with Meridell or if war is immanent.