Neopets - Faerieland Employment Agency

Faerieland Employment Agency

    The Faerieland Employment Agency is a really great place to visit if you want to make Neopoints. Here's how it works.

    Every ten minutes, the Employment Agency gets a list of new jobs that need to be completed. Jobs that anyone can do are called BASIC JOBS. These jobs don't pay much, but then again, they're free to do. Then there are SUPER JOBS. These jobs require you to have a Job Coupon which, when redeemed for a job, are downgraded one level.

    In the past, scoring a certain number of points in a game was considered a job, but not too long ago, this was changed so that every job requires you to find a certain item (or items). For instance, you may be asked to find five Bottles of Blue Sand in 25 minutes, and in return, you may receive 2,384 NP + a bonus if you complete it really fast. However, you have to be careful because the job may also ask you for five Improved Lightning Beams and only give you a 500 NP reward. This would be a MAJOR waste of Neopoints, so it's good to have a general idea about the value of items on Neopets.

    If you accept a job that you simply cannot complete in the allotted time, you can return to the Employment Agency and politely refuse to finish the job without penalty. Every job you do or do not complete is recorded on your Neopet's profile, so try to complete as many jobs as you can with as few failures as possible.

    You can accept up to five jobs per day before the Employment Agency refuses to give you any more.