10,000 feet above Neopia sits a cloud, a gigantic cloud stretching tens of miles in each direction. Atop the it is a place that has been home to the Faeries of Neopia for as long as anybody can remember... Faerieland!

    Originally, to access Faerieland, you needed to find the Faerie Totem.

This Faerie Totem can be used to visit Faerieland, the great amusement park in the clouds!

    Fortunately, those days are long gone, and you can now visit Faerieland any time you'd like. This enchanted world is home to some very well-known faeries, such as the Fyora the Faerie Queen, the Fountain Faerie, and Jhudora the Dark Faerie. Be sure to visit often, as Faerieland has many great places to visit.

Healing Springs - Visit these mystical waters several times a day, and you'll receive health for your Neopets and life-restoring potions from a very helpful Water Faerie.

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity - Ummm... it's exactly what the title says it is. Nobody knows why it's there, but perhaps we'll find out sometime in the future...

Faerie Petpets - This is where you can purchase Faerie Petpets for your Neopets.

Wheel of Excitement - Spin the wheel for a 150 Neopoints every two hours, and you may receive any number of great gifts, or maybe some not so great ones...

Jhudora's Cloud - Jhudora is a powerful Dark Faerie who hates Illusen, the famous Meridell Earth Faerie. You can complete one of her quests every day, but by doing so you are not allowed to do one of Illusen's quests for that day (and vice versa). Fail any quest, and start back at Quest Level 1. All you have to do is search for the item Jhudora wants, bring it back to her, and tell her you have what she wants. For every few quests you succeed in, you'll receive a prize.

Rainbow Fountain - If the Fountain Faerie visits you and you complete her quest, you can come here and paint your Neopet ANY available color, including one of the retired colors like Stone or Glass. Just remember that the color you paint your Neopet is limited to the colors available. If a Neopet species cannot be painted Darigan, completing a Fountain Faerie Quest is NOT going to make it magically happen.

Poogle Races - A game which requires you to place a bet on one of the racing Poogles. If you guess the right one, you win Neopoints!

Faerie Cloud Racers - Do you have what it takes to make your Faerie opponent crash their Faerie Flyer?

    Welcome to Faerieland city centre. There are lots of interesting places to find here, including games, shops and an employment agency! Why not look around and see what you can find?

    Faerie City is located inside of Faerieland. Here are some more interesting locations, including one very exclusive hidden one...

Faerie Crossword - Win 500 NP every day if you can figure out the Faerie Crossword puzzle.

Faerie Quests - If a Fyora the Faerie Queen, the Space Faerie, or an Uber- Fire, Earth, Light, Darkness, Water, or Air Faerie randomly give you a quest, then you must come here to redeem the item you found. If you refuse to do the quest, you cannot do another for ten minutes. As long as the quest is active, you cannot use the Search Wizard.

Faerie Foods - Looking for a little something to eat with a magical taste? Try the Faerie Foods shop!

Faerie Bookshop - Visit this store to purchase books with information about the many Faeries of Neopia.

Colouring Pages - Coloring pages with faerie themes.

The Employment Agency - If you think you can find the items required or get the score required in a certain game in the allotted period of time, then visit this building. You may be well rewarded for your efforts. Your successes and failures are can be seen by all, though, so only visit if you intend to complete your task. If you think you may fail, you can always return and withdraw your request to complete a job. Just be careful of the jobs which ask for very expensive items, and give you little in return.

Faerie Paint Brushes - A list of all Neopets that can be painted with the Faerie Paint Brush.

Maths Nightmare - A game which puts your adding, subtracting, multiplication, and dividing skills to the test.

Hidden Tower - A well known, but hidden location in Faerie City. Only come here if you have LOTS of Neopoints and are in need of one of Fyora's very rare artifacts.

Faerie Weapon Shop - Come here for some potentially powerful Faerie-themed weapons.

Portal to Altador - Click here to go to Altador.