Uber-Faerie Quests Main

    Has a faerie popped up on the Neopets site and asked you to find her something? Then you have been given a great opportunity! As long as you have a Faerie Quest pending, you cannot use the shop wizard. Many of the more experienced users have Neofriends, favorite shops, or alternate accounts to help them find what they need. Just make sure that you weigh the price of the item desired against the value of the prize, or else you may end up losing Neopoints.

Name: Uber-Fire Faerie

Desires: Clothes
Reward: Increases Neopet Strength

Name: Uber-Air Faerie

Desires: Beauty Products
Reward: Increases Neopet Speed

Name: Uber-Water Faerie

Desires: Books
Reward: Increases Neopet Defense

Name: Uber-Light Faerie

Desires: Trading Cards
Reward: Increases Neopet Level

Name: Uber-Dark Faerie

Desires: Toys
Reward: Increases Neopet Maximum Health

Name: Uber-Earth Faerie

Desires: Magical Item
Reward: Neopet Becomes Bloated
NOTE - This is the least popular quest and is often rejected.

Name: The Faerie Queen (Fyora)

Desires: Rare items, petpets, etc.
Reward: Increases Several Neopet Stats

Name: The Space Faerie

Desires: Random Items.
Reward: +4 Levels to One Neopet

Name: The Fountain Faerie

Desires: Expensive Items.
Reward: The Rainbow Fountain will let you paint your Neopet ANY of the available colors for that species.