Neopets - The Haunted Woods

The Haunted Woods
The Deserted Fairground

    One of the spookiest places in all of Neopia is the Haunted Woods. Up until now, nothing really significant has ever happened here, but you never know what the future holds...

The Brain Tree - This creature wants to know everything. However, in order to answer both of his questions and complete his quest, you'll need to visit the Esophagor.

The Esophagor - Feed this creature two times and you'll be given the answers to the Brain Tree's questions. Just be careful... he may ask for some VERY expensive things...

Fetch! - A game in which you play a Mutant Blumaroo and must search the Haunted Woods for an item your master desires before time runs out.

Spooky Paint Brushes - A list of all Neopets that can be painted with the Halloween Paint Brush.

Colouring Pages - Coloring pages with a Haunted Woods theme.

MAGAX: Destroyer - A game in which you play Magax and attempt to stop the ghostly minions of your arch-nemesis, Hubrid Nox.

Game Graveyard - When games are removed from the site, this is where they end up. Some can still be played, but none give out Neopoints.

Edna's Tower - Visit Edna the Witch for a quest whenever you feel up to the challenge. Succeed, and she might challenge you to a fight in the Battledome.

Haunted House - A little activity with no real purpose or prize. See if you can make it out alive.

Castle of Eliv Thade - Can you unscramble all of Eliv Thade's anagrams and make it though his castle???

Neopet Masks - Print them out, color them in, cut them out, and you've got yourself a mask!

Spooky Petpets - The only store that sells the unique petpets that live in the Haunted Woods.

Stone Battledome - One of six Battledome locations where opponents can be fought. If you challenge someone to a one-on-one battle in the Stone Dome, you have to go here to fight it.

Neopets - The Deserted Fairground

    A relatively recent discovery, the Deserted Fairground is full of spooky stores and activities, although nearly all of them are rigged.

Wheel of Misfortune - Give it a spin and you might win something, but it probably won't be anything good.

Cork Gun Gallery - Take aim and attempt to hit a prize. If you knock it off, which you probably won't, you win! Too bad you can't aim at the lady that runs the stand :P

Bagatelle - Drop the Mootix and you might win a prize. (Probably rigged.)

Spooky Food - The only shop that sells the food that the Esophagor eats. Sometimes users sell the items cheaper, sometimes they're less expensive here.

Spooky Furniture - The place to go to make every day Halloween in your Neohome.

Scratch Cards - Come here to purchase Deserted Fairground Scratchcards. Be forewarned... even these may be rigged...

Test Your Strength - The jackpot for this game is high for a reason: ALMOST NOBODY CAN WIN. However, with such a high jackpot, it's well worth 100 NP if you can spare them.

Ghost Neopets - A list of all Neopets that can be painted with the Ghost Paint Brush.

Haunted Weaponry - The only store that sells Battledome weapons with a spooky theme.

Coconut Shy - Another rigged game that requires you to knock one of five coconuts off of a stick. Most don't come off, but a few do. This is the only way (aside from user shops) to complete your Scary Coconut Collection.

Carnival of Terror - A game in which you must shoot the evil clown robots before they hit you with their poisonous pies.