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Jelly World
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    One of the biggest mysteries in Neopia is the existence of Jelly World. Although its existence is consistently denied by the Neopets Team, the influence of Jelly World can be felt all over Neopia now that Jelly foods, Jelly Neopets, and Jelly games have started to appear.

Bouncy Supreme - Guide the Jelly Blumaroo from pillar to pillar, attempted to collect coins as you go. Just watch out for the flying beast!

Giant Jelly - Stop by once a day for a free piece of jelly. Just make sure your Neopet doesn't eat the poisonous kind, or else it might get sick...

Jelly Blobs of Doom - A fun game in which you play a Jelly Chomby that must eat small jelly blobs in order to grow before it is eaten by a jelly blob itself!

Jelly Foods - A little shop that sells all sorts of foods and drinks made entirely of jelly.

Colour Pages - Coloring pages with a Jelly World theme.

Green Jelly - Not too long ago, many of the Petpets in Neopia vanished. After a little while, they turned up here. If you go to the Green Jelly now, you'll see what's left over.