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Krawk Island
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    Krawk Island is a small community off the coast of Mystery Island. Inhabited almost entirely by pirates, the island is famous for several of its landmarks, including Smugglers Cove, the Academy, and the Fungus Caves.

Deck Swabber - A fun puzzle that requires you to make your way around the game board and change the color of the tiles as you go. Watch out for the pirates and bombs, though!

The Swashbuckling Academy - If you Neopet is Level 40 or under, then you can bring your Neopet here to be trained by Cap'n Threelegs. Just make sure you've got plenty of dubloons!

Colouring Pages - Go here if you'd like to draw some pictures with a pirate theme.

Buried Treasure - For just 200 NP, you can select a spot on the map and see if you've found any buried treasure. If you're really lucky, you may even find the jackpot!

Dubloon Disaster - Navigate your boat away from the land mines and towards the dubloons that are appearing in the water.

Krawps - A dice game that's very similar to the real-life game Craps.

The Golden Dubloon - A fancy restaurant that serves the best pirate foods you'll ever find... well, if you have enough dubloons!

Food Club - There are lots of pirates on Krawk Island. In this game, you have to figure out which pirate will do the best during an eating competition.

Bilge Dice - Roll six dice. The goal of the game is to get a 1 and a 4, and then with the four remaining dice get a higher score than your three opponents. After rolling the dice once, you must keep one, then you can either keep more or re-roll the dice. Keep one or more, then re-roll again. The highest score wins.

Dubloon-O-Matic - Turns your less valuable dubloons into more valuable ones.

Little Nippers - The only store that sells Pirate Petpets.

Armada - A multiplayer board game where you must defeat or claim your opponent's ships until you've either got complete control of the board or until they've got no more moves.

Krawk Fashion - A list of all Neopets that can be painted with the Pirate Paint Brush.

Smugglers Cove - If you have enough dubloons, the pirates here might appear and sell you some goods... just don't go there too often, or they'll ban you for a short period of time.

Fungus Cave - Bring your Krawk petpet here and it will turn into a full-sized Neopet Krawk!

Deck Ball - In this game, you must slide around the deck of a boat and try to knock the ball into your opponent's goal, all the while protecting your own.

Krawk Cup - A while back the Neopets Team competed in a Deckball tournament. Visit this page for the details.