Neopets - The Moon of Kreludor


    Kreludor is the moon of Neopia. It was discovered in 2004 when the orbit of the Virtupets Space Station took it dangerously close to the previously unexplored object known to millions today. Kreludor is the home of both orange and purple Grundos, and is best known for its rich deposits of Kreludan metal. In mid-2004, the Neopets Team was going to start a plot featuring Kreludor and the return of Dr. Sloth, but it was suspended until a later date which has yet to be named. We can definitely expect lots of new goodies on Kreludor soon, though, as the secrets of this world are only just starting to be uncovered.

Kreludan Mining Corp. - This should probably link to the game now, but originally, this site was supposed to be part of the "Return of Dr. Sloth" plot. It was never used and no authorisation code was ever released.

Neocola Machine - Put in a token, press a button, and you may get a prize. The prizes vary, though, from worthless souvenirs to explosive cans of Neocola.

Booktastic Books - A rather successful book store which sells literature on Kreludor, Grundos, and all sorts of related topics. It's also the only store (aside from user shops) that sells the books which must be read in order to join the Booktastic Book Club.

Cafe Kreludor - Shop here for a little taste of Kreludor cooking.

Kreludan Homes - A little shop with space-themed furniture.

Colouring Pages - Visit this page if you'd like to draw pictures with a Kreludor theme.