The Laboratory

The Infamous Lab Ray

    One of the great mysteries of Neopia is the infamous Lab Ray. Hidden somewhere near Mystery Island, the only way to find it is to assemble the nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map, now priced at over 450,000 NP total. If you're VERY lucky, you may be able to find some pieces via RANDOM EVENTS while surfing Because the pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map are worth over 50,000 NP each, we suggest that you try to find the selling price for your specific piece before selling it if you are either not interested in going to the Lab Ray, or if you already have that piece.

    Once all nine pieces are in your inventory, go to the Secret Laboratory Map page and claim your prize. As soon as you do, all nine pieces of the map will vanish and a new link will become available.

    You can visit the Lab Ray once every day, and what happens is completely random. It can do any of the following things:

    Some colors are only available via the Lab Ray or Fountain Faerie Quests. These colors include:

    NOTE: The Lab Ray CANNOT change your pet into an Ice Bori, since that species/color combination was only available for a short period of time.

    For an example of what the Lab Ray can do to your pet, why not check out Nothing But Neopets' Lab Ray Log. After reading this, it's up to YOU to determine if purchasing the Lab Ray Map is worth the investment.


A relatively new feature on Neopets is the addition of the Petpet Lab Ray. Like the regular Lab Ray, the Petpet Lab Ray can be used to alter species and colour.

Unfortunately, the Petpet Lab Ray is capable of temporarily turning your Petpet into a pile of dust, or even worse, permanently vaporizing it all together! Users should also be weary because Petpets zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray are not eligible for prizes from the Petpet Protection League. Also, Petpets transformed by the Lab Ray will magically revert to their original form if they are taken away from their Neopet. This is to prevent people from making a ton of Neopoints by turning their common, worthless petpets into rare and valuable ones. Zapped Petpets cannot be painted, either.

Like the regular Lab Ray, the Petpet Lab Ray can only be accessed if you possess all nine pieces of the Petpet Laboratory Map. However, in order to assemble the map, you must already have access to the Secret Lab Ray, which is significantly more expensive to obtain.