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The Lost Desert
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    This sacred place has been hidden for thousands of years, or at least as long as anyone can remember.

Scarab 21 - The Neopets version of Blackjack. You keep getting cards until you're as close to 21 as possible without going over. If your score is higher than the dealer's, you win!

Sutek's Tomb - An addictive puzzle game that require you to switch one tile's position with another's in order to make three-in-a-row or more.

Pyramids Game - With half of your deck is in the shape of a pyramid, you must use the other half of your deck to clear the pyramid. You can only remove cards that are one higher or one lower than the one on the top of your discard pile, and the more cards you can remove in a row, the higher your score.

Coltzan's Shrine - Visit once a day... your pet's stats could be increased, or you could win Neopoints, food, or a shiny Two Dubloon Coin!

Paintbrush Stall - A list of all Neopets species that can be painted with the Lost Desert Paint Brush.

Colouring Pages - Coloring pages with a Lost Desert theme.

Sakhmet Solitaire - Traditional Solitaire with a Neopets twist.

Sakhmet Palace - Come here for more information about Usurper!, a puzzle the Neopets Team ran several years ago.

Battle Supplies - A store that sells Lost Desert weapons and defenses.

Fruit Machine - Stop by once per day to see if you've won anything.

Food Stall - A shop that sells Lost Desert foods.

Brucey's War Tent - An interesting place to visit if you have an interest in Neopian history. This page links to the story of the Lost Desert's discovery, as well as its invasion by Dr. Sloth.

Petpet Stall - A little shop that sells petpets which can only be found in the Lost Desert.

Calculator - A fancy calculator that some Neopians use to do their homework and other math-related tasks.

Osiris Pottery - This store sells decorations for your Neohome that are made exclusively in the Lost Desert.

Sutek's Scrolls - Come here to purchase ancient scrolls which can be read to your Neopet.

Tug-O-War - To beat this game, you must overpower your opponent and pull them into the river, or else plunge into the river yourself!

Geos - Bomb or build??? That's the question in this Multiplayer game!

Swarm! - Can you stop the invading swarm before it destroys the City of Sakhmet.

Emergency Supplies - A new tent that sells healing supplies to those in need.