The Neopian Calendar

March 3rd - Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest

    Every year on March 3rd, nothing will happen on Neopets (with the exception of Half Price Day). Why? Because it's always cancelled due to lack of interest. This tradition started in 2004 when the Neopets Team implemented a new method of uploading the daily updates. On the day of the implementation, the news for March 4th was posted and nothing was added to the site for March 3rd except for a brief explanation of what was happening.

    For a while, the site would post news and activities at the end of the day, but this would cause problems for people on the other side of the world who wouldn't hear about a special day until the day after. Since then, the Neopets Team has made a solid effort to post updates to the site as early in the day as possible (sometimes at midnight or the night before) in order to better serve users in all different time zones, especially on special Pet Holidays (like Eyrie Day, Chia Day, etc.) or Random Theme days (Illusen Day, Asparagus Day, Cheese Day, etc).

    Users who have their birthdays on March 3rd will still received the special Birthday Navigation Bar Theme.