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The Battle for Meridell Plot
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    In Meridell's short time on Neopia (well, since it's rediscovery), it has been forced to endure two vicious wars... well, actually, since it only exists in the past, I suppose it had already endured those two wars over 300 years ago. Anyways, King Skarl rules over Meridell. Long long ago, Meridell was not so prosperous, so King Skarl sent out his bravest troops to find a way to save his kingdom. In the peaceful land of Darigan, a powerful Golden Orb was found that could maintain peace and prosperity forever. Skarl's soldiers stole the orb, and although Meridell prospered, Darigan was cursed.

    Shortly after Meridell was discovered, it was attacked by the mutated armies of Lord Darigan, the ruler of the now-floating Darigan Citadel. King Skarl's forces were no match for the Darigan hordes, and in time they fell, resulting in the destruction of many of Meridell's landmarks and games. That was not the end, however. Driven mad with power, Lord Darigan used the Golden Orb to become the Spectre of Lord Darigan, a demonic creature that was eventually stopped by the most powerful Neopet in Neopia, Majal_Kita.

    Then, in 2003, Lord Kass (once a General in Lord Darigan's armies) took control of the Citadel and convinced the population there that they *must* finish what Lord Darigan could not by conquering Meridell once and for all. This time Meridell won, but once again their landmarks were destroyed. In time, repairs were made, and life returned to normal in both Meridell and the Darigan Citadel. With the return of Lord Darigan, peace has been restored to this ancient land... one thing is for sure, though... Meridell was destroyed 300 years ago by Darigan's minions... so sooner or later, the tides of war will return... it's just a matter of time...

Shape Shifter - Keep changing the pictures until you reach your goal. Be careful... this game can be VERY tricky.

Ye Olde Petpets - The only store that sells Medieval petpets.

Kiss the Mortog - One Mortog is a prince or princess, the rest are normal. Pick one and kiss it... if you've made the right choice, the Mortog will magically transform, but if you've made the wrong choice, it will EXPLODE!!!

Round Table Poker - Poker with a medieval twist.

Turdle Racing - Can you pick the fastest turdle in the race?

Food Shoppe - Meridell is known for many things... its food is not one of them (unless you're talking about the very rare Draik Eggs they occasionally sell). Mostly rocks and potatoes and old tomatoes, but occasionally they sell something tasty.

Illusen's Glade - Come here once a day and see if you can complete one of Illusen's quests... just make sure you haven't done one of Jhudora's first, or else Illusen will get VERY angry.

Cheese Roller - First you have to purchase a wheel of cheese, then you have to roll it down the hill. Make it to the finish line in under a minute and you get to keep the cheese you just bought... lose, and you lose your cheese, too.

Turmaculus - For one random hour every day, Turmaculus can be awakened by one of your petpets. If you awaken him and he's in a good mood you could win food, Neopoints, a book, a one point increase in your petpet's level, or some random Medieval item. If he's in a bad mood, however, your petpet will get eaten!!!

Ultimate Bullseye - Try to hit the bull's-eye as many times as possible.

Symol Hole - Send in your petpet... maybe it will find something cool, or maybe it will come out completely different.

Double or Nothing - A multiplayer board game where you must defeat or claim your opponent's ships until you've either got complete control of the board or until they've got no more moves.

Kayla's Potion Shop - Come here to purchase some special potions that cannot be found in Kauvara's Magic shop.

Meriball - If you have enough dubloons, the pirates here might appear and sell you some goods... just don't go there too often, or they'll ban you for a short period of time.

Invasion of Meridell - A strategy game which requires you to fend off the evil forces of Lord Darigan and recover the key item on the other side of the game board.

Escape from Meridell - You play a Draik who is fighting to escape from the dungeons of Meridell castle... can you make it out alive?

Grumpy Old King - Skarl is indeed a grumpy old king. Tell him a funny joke, though, and you'll be well rewarded.

Extreme Potato Counter - Potatoes fly across the screen, and you have to try and count how many of them you've just seen. Guess the right amount to continue on to the next level.

Attack of the Slorgs - Stop the line of slorgs before they devour your crops.

Rubbish Dump - Lots of rubbish is thrown here... but sometimes, if you're really lucky, something valuable will appear.

Guess the Weight - Every day a different marrow is weighed by a local farmer. If you can guess the correct weight, you win!

Potato Counter - A bunch of potatoes are displayed in front of you. Guess how many are there, and if you answer correctly and quickly, you win!

Pick Your Own - For 400 NP, you can go out into Meridell's fields and pick up to six berries. Sometimes you get few cool berries... sometimes you get a big pile of dung or an old boot.


Secret Locations

Draik Nest - Come here to hatch your Draik Egg into your very own Draik Neopet!