Last Update: November 1, 2007

Newbie Guide to Making Millions
By prince_raptor

    So you're dying to know how to make millions upon millions of Neopoints in a matter of days, hours, or even minutes. While such a thing is theoretically possible for a new player, it actually borders on impossible with a .000001% chance that you'll suddenly stumble across that many Neopoints (or an item worth millions) with little or no effort. However, with a little help from us, you can be well on you way to making millions in a relatively short period of time.

    Please keep in mind that this article is based solely on my own personal experiences on Neopets, so there may be a couple of spots here and there that will require later revisions. Please keep checking back for updates. Also, keep in mind that, while my advice has worked very well for me, even I have made bad investments (usually in items) and as a result, I've lost thousands of Neopoints. Sometimes you just need to be patient and wait things out. Other times, you need to act quick before your opportunity (and your profit) disappears...

30,000-50,000 NP A Day!

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    Perhaps the simplest way to earn quick Neopoints without a great deal of experience on the site is to play games. One can easily earn 30,000 NP or more per day without too much time invested this way, but first you have to figure out which games you are best at, which you don't mind playing repeated, and which you can earn 3,000 NP from each day. As a quick reminder, the maximum amount of Neopoints a game can give out when you submit a game score is 1,000. You can submit three scores per day for a total of 3,000 NP per game per day. When you play the Featured Game of the day, you only need half of the usual score needed to earn the same 1,000 NP.

    So, by playing ten or more games three times per day, you can earn 30,000 NP or more per day without too much hassle. On a scale of 1-10 when rating ease of earning, this is about a 5. While the rewards are instant, they require time and skill and patience. Trust us when we tell you... playing the same games over and over again, day after day, for as much time as is needed to earn 3,000 NP from each can become VERY tedious, VERY fast.

Quadruple Your Investments... Eventually...

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    Perhaps the slowest, but easiest way to earn Neopoints is to invest in the Neopian Stock Market. Here, you buy up to 1000 shares of a certain stock which is selling at 15 NP or more per share. Wise investors purchase 15,000 NP worth of stocks every day, and when the shares rise in value to 60 NP or more each, they sell them, thus earning 45,000+ NP just by waiting.

    The downside to investing is that it can take anywhere from six months to a year and a half for any particular stock to reach the 60 NP/share selling point... sometimes less, depending on the stock and when in its cycle you purchased it. The plus side is that you are guaranteed to earn Neopoints (unless a stock goes bankrupt, which is not only rare, it *usually* only happens to stocks that have remained at insanely high prices for several months), even if you sell early. The fact of the matter is, as long as you sell the stocks for more than you purchased them for, you're going to earn more than you would have earned in interest at the National Neopian Bank.

    In the meantime, however, don't forget to collect your interest at the National Neopian every day. Your interest is added to your account total, which in turn increases the interest you earn. Cool, huh?

The Art of Shopping!

    Without a doubt the fastest way to millions of Neopoints, restocking is an art unto itself. The reason that restocking is so rarely done, however, is because it requires four things - a fast Internet connect, quick reflexes, a lot of patience, and an expert knowledge of what items sold by one or more shops in particular are worth infinitely more than they're sold for.

    Essentially, no item can be sold in any shop for more than 99,999 Neopoints. In official Neopets shops (e.g., the ones NOT run by Neopians), the items are sometimes worth less than they're selling for, but are sometimes worth more, and rarely worth a LOT more. Some of the rarest items sold today in Neopia's shops are worth well over 25,000,000 Neopoints (such as the ARGH! Donna Stamp, which is worth a cool 40 Million Neopoints if ever you can snatch one). Others, which are slightly easier to find can sell for hundreds of thousands of Neopoints or more, depending on the item's rarity and general demand.

    Now, as if knowing what items you were looking for wasn't hard enough, you have to wait until one of the seven or so times each hour that the shop randomly restocks with items based on their rarity. And then, if you are fortunate enough to be there when a valuable item pops up, you not only have to click on it quickly, you have to haggle with the shopkeeper by entering a price that's lower than what he/she was asking for, but high enough for him/her to accept it right away. THEN you have to click on the Neopet that appears on the image below the haggle box as quickly as possible. If you have somehow managed to do all of that before anyone else, you'll have hopefully just purchased something worth a great deal more than what you paid for it. Congratulations!

    Obviously this isn't as easy as it may sound, otherwise everyone would do it. As a general rule of thumb, experts recommend new restockers practice on items that are worth a little more than what they're being sold for, as they're usually in higher quantity and less demand than the more valuable items.

    Simple, right? :-) Well, there is one more thing you need to watch out for. In order to give other users a fair chance, you will sometimes be banned from shopping in the Neopian Shops because you visited them or refreshed one too many times in a shop during a short period of time. The "restock ban" lasts a certain period of time (ten minutes or more), and generally increases if you are banned is rapid succession. Just check back later and try again if this happens to you.

Earn A Prize... If You Survive...

    About twice a year or more, the Neopets Team will release a major plot, war, activity, or some combination of the three. While infrequent, these events can earn a clever or devoted player one or more prizes worth millions of Neopoints. For instance, the top participants in this year's Altador Cup tournament could have chosen a Yooyu Celebration Stamp as their prize... and now that they are retired and are slowly getting used up, forgotten, or lost, that item in particular is worth over 15,000,000 Neopoints and rising. How's THAT for a reward?

    Plots and puzzles require you to use your cunning, an intimate knowledge of previous plot/puzzle elements, and sometimes even really good timing to make it to the end and earn yourself a valuable prize at the end. Perhaps your best friend during a plot or puzzle will be sites like JellyNeo and NeoLodge, which usually post special guides with all the info you need to progress... unless, of course, you're finishing things faster than they are :-p

    The slowest and least productive way to earn Neopoints involves participating in wars. Though very infrequent, wars can be just as rewarding as other activities (or moreso), but since they involve battling increasingly difficult opponents in the Battledome, you need a VERY powerful Neopet and some VERY powerful and expensive items if you want to earn enough war points to claim a valuable reward in the end. In the long run, if you've invested a lot of Neopoints in your Neopet's training and Battledome items, then your investment will probably pay off... years down the road, but realistically, that only happens for the most devoted of Battledome enthusiasts.

Finder's Keepers... Then Sell For A Profit!!!

    As you spend more and more time on Neopets, you're bound to come across potentially valuable items. Sometimes it's hard to tell which items will eventually increase in value and when, but here are some general rules of thumb.

-Good Battledome Items, Books, Foods, Stamps, Coins, and Wearable Clothes are among the most valuable items on Neopets because most of them can only be used once, and Battledome items are highly sought after (especially powerful ones). These items more so than any others are what we refer to below, especially when said items have a high rarity.

-Items only given out once as Event Prizes generally rise in value over time because they're retired afterward. EXAMPLE: Sore Throat Remedies was a prize during the 2007 Altador Cup Tournament. It was worth approximately 250,000 NP at the time of writing this, and in a year will be worth at least double that, if not several times more.

-Items only given out during the Advent Calendar will be fairly inexpensive at first and will very slowly rise in value for a year or more. As more time passes and their supply decreases, they increase in value. EXAMPLE: A Seasonal Stamp from several years ago is worth 20,000 NP now and slowly rising.

-Codestones can increase in value by 25% or more the instant the general Neopian public has reason to believe a war or plot is coming. This also holds true for Battledome items. Once a war actually starts, the prices skyrocket, but generally don't double (depending on the item). If you have lots of Codestones or an expensive Battledome item, it may be wise to wait until a war to sell it for maximum profits. EXAMPLE: A Main Codestone was worth about 8,000 NP a while back, then it was announced that TNT was planning to revamp the Battledome in the distant future, raising prices to 10,000 NP each. When a plot/war involving the Battledome does arrive, their price will probably end up somewhere between 12,000 and 15,000 NP each.

-Items that are always being released generally decrease in value over time unless they're very rare and/or are used up quickly. Items that are only given out once generally increase in value over time unless they're useless or in high supply.

-Certain Paint Brushes and Wearable Items will increase in value as the holiday they are associated with draws closer. For instance, a Christmas Paint Brush will sell for thousands more in December than it will in April.

-Smugglers Cove items are the rarest of them all. Only 120 of each item sold there can exist at any one point in time, and they almost always increase in value over time because they're practically retired within weeks of being announced in the news. They are usually sold at the Cove for far less than they're actually worth, but because of how difficult it is to get a Cove item (you have to have Dubloons, NOT be banned for going there too many times, and arrive when the item is actually available during that one brief moment of the hour or day), the item could easily be worth millions now, and hundreds of millions later. EXAMPLE: The Attack Pea and Seasonal Attack Pea.

-Items from the Hidden Tower instantly lose value when you buy them because there are always people looking to sell for just under what they paid for it. If people wanted to buy the item at price, they can usually do it themselves. HOWEVER, on very rare occassions, Hidden Tower items are retired and skyrocket in value, ESPECIALLY over time. EXAMPLE: The Ghostkersword was originally sold for 13,000,000 NP... now that it's retired, it's worth over 85,000,000 NP. However, this is on the extreme side because the Ghostkersword is so powerful. Less powerful items will not increase in value as much when retired.

    That's pretty much all of the advice I can think of for now, but please check back regularly for updates and changes that I will no doubt need to make in the future. Until then, best of luck with earning your own small fortune :-)

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