Neopets - Welcome to Mystery Island

Mystery Island

    Mystery Island is a cool, tropical paradise! In 2004, the Mystery Volcano came VERY close to erupting, but fortunately, the Evil Shaman and Fire Faerie responsible were stopped in the nick of time. Now Mystery Island is the home of a lot of really cool natives, Jubjubs that look like coconuts, and a few Maraquan refugees. It's also got the best training school for anyone who wants to make their Neopet a force to be reckoned with in the Battledome. Be sure to take a look around, as there are a lot of valuable (and even a few not-so-valuable) locations here.

Tropical Foods - Stop by this hut to purchase some of the many fruits of Mystery Island. Every year new fruits appear and old fruits vanish, so it may be worth a visit to try and get a hold of a very rare fruit before it's retired.

Tombola - Visit once per day and you might win a codestone, a bottled faerie, some merchandise, some gross food, or nothing at all.

Beach Volleyball - You play a talented Mynci who's trying to win a volleyball tournament. How many rounds can you survive???

Tiki Tack - Take a look inside... maybe you'll find some interesting merchandise to send to one of your Neofriends.

Harbour - Come here to leave Mystery Island and return to the Explore map.

Island Market - This is where the largest user shops on Mystery Island can be found. If your shop is large enough, maybe one day it will appear here!

Kitchen Quest - After Maraqua was destroyed, this poor chef had to relocate to Mystery Island. Now he must prepare fresh meals for Mumbo Pango. If you help the chef out, maybe he'll give you something nice or raise your Neopet's level.

Haiku Generator - Ummm... a new Haiku every day... moving on...

Tiki Tours - Take your Neopet on a tour of Mystery Island. Just be careful... the villagers say that an evil Witch Doctor sometimes attacks the tourists...

The Beach - As if by magic, letters seem to appear in the sand if you refresh here at different times. This page was instrumental during the Mystery Island Volcano Plot.

Mystery Island Training School - Come here to raise the stats of your Neopets in exchange for a valuable codestone or two (or three, or eight).

Techo Mountain - Hmmm, it's in the shape of a Techo... oooooo, I get it! That's why it's called Techo Mountain! Some people say that there's a way of making the Techo's mouth open, but that was probably just a rumor during the Mystery Island Volcano Plot.

Island Arena - If you challenge another Neopets user to a battle in the Island Arena, you must come here to fight them.

Trading Post - Put one or more items up for trade, add a little description of what you want in exchange, and maybe someone will trade with you! Lots are cancelled after two weeks, at which point you may want to ask for something else.

Island Mystic - He says something different every day, but it's not very important unless there's a major plot going on.

Lost City of Geraptiku - Long abandoned, this mini-world was recently rediscovered and can now be visited regularly.

Mystery Island Cooking Pot - If you combine the right ingredients, maybe you'll get something new!

Gadgads Game - Fruits are falling from the sky, and you have to organize them as quickly as possible. Combine them correctly, and even larger fruits will appear that are worth even more points when they're cleared. Just don't let the pile get too high.

Rock Pool - This little shop sells all of the poor petpets that need homes now that Maraqua's been destroyed. Maybe in the near future, they'll be able to return home :)

Codestone Redemption Center - Exchange your basic codestones for a single red codestone which can be used to train the more powerful Neopets in Neopia.

Secret Ninja Training School - This location was made especially for those really powerful Neopets that were simply too strong for the Techo Master at the Mystery Island Training School. This school comes complete with a training center and Secret Ninja Shop which sells powerful one-use only items. To enter the shop/school, you must have a Neopet that's level 250 or higher.


Secret Locations

Parrot on the Hill - Pay this little guy a visit during a Neopets plot, and he may repeat some valuable information.

Neopets - Lost City of Geraptiku

    The Lost City of Geraptiku was rediscovered in July of 2005. It is just as small as the other mini-worlds, but because of the Deserted Tomb, is probably visited much more often.

Deserted Tomb - Come here once daily to see if you can safely navigate your way through the tomb and find the secret treasures hidden inside.

Petpet Shop - Occasionally petpets will wander in, since there are no actual shopkeepers in Geraptiku. If you're lucky, you may be able to get a hold of one, but only if you leave a few Neopoints in the nearest can.

Colouring Pages - Come here for pictures with a Geraptiku theme that you can print and color in.