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Neopets Mobile

On June 28th, 2006, the Neopets Team officially unveiled Neopets Mobile, a special service offered exclusively by Cingular. Neopets Mobile allows users to access their Neopets account via cell phone or other mobile device, and thus gives them the ability to play games, take care of their Neopets, and even visit Lutari Island from almost anywhere!

Aside from the obvious plus of being able to access your Neopets account at any time and almost anywhere, subscribing to Neopets Mobile also comes with certain perks. For instance, subscribers have exclusive access to Lutari Island, a new world that normal and even Premium Neopets users cannot access otherwise. On this island there are a variety of special locations - a shop, a new version of the Faerieland Healing Springs called the Fluorescent Pools, an all new Air Faerie Quest, the Wheel of Happiness, and last but not least, a new training school called the Survival Academy. Users will also be able to play games that aren't available on the main Neopets site, earn Neopoints even when they are away from their computer, and potentially so much more :)