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    Neopia is the name of the world in which Neopets live. It has one moon, Kreludor, and is orbited by the Virtupets Space Station. These two locations aside, Neopia is split up into several worlds, each with its own unique games, activities, shops, and Neopets. The Neopian calendar has twelve months in a year and twenty-four hours in a day, much like Earth. In fact, Neopian Standard Time is identical to Pacific Time in the United States. Almost everything in Neopia happens during the week, and on weekends, everyone likes to kickback and relax.


The Lost Desert - The hot and barren sand plains of Neopia are marked by several Pyramids, a palace, and a magnificent Sphinx.

The Haunted Woods - The spookiest place in Neopia where it is always Halloween. If you go deeper into the Haunted Woods, you'll find the Deserted Fairground.

Faerieland - High in the skies of Neopia is the land of the Faeries. In the center is Faerie City, best known for its infamous Hidden Tower.

Neopia Central - The largest marketplace in all of Neopia. Neopia Central has two additional locations, the Marketplace and the Neopian Bazaar.

Krawk Island - The pirate-themed island named after the rarest of all Neopets and most prized of all Petpets, the Krawk.

Mystery Island - A tropical island getaway with lots of friendly natives, some of which look remarkably like coconuts...

Maraqua - This underwater world was destroyed long ago by a giant whirlpool, but in 2005 was rebuilt and repopulated by some very brave Neopets.

Tyrannia - This prehistoric world was discovered after an earthquake in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain left a giant canyon behind. The entrance to Tyrannia was hidden somewhere deep inside.

Meridell - A world that exists only in the past, Meridell existed long ago and has since been destroyed. However, thanks to a little Neopian magic and an Aisha named Lisha, we can travel into the past and visit it any time we want. Aside from Meridell, you can also venture inside Meridell Castle and tell joked to King Skarl, or you can visit Meri Acres Farm. There are also two mini-worlds here, the Darigan Citadel and Brightvale.

Terror Mountain - The snowiest place in Neopia, Terror Mountain is the home of the Snowager, the Snow Faerie, and lots of angry Snow Beasts. Inside of Terror Mountain you'll find the Ice Caves and the Snowager's Lair, and at the foot of Terror Mountain you'll find Happy Valley, home of the Advent Calendar.

Virtupets Space Station - One of many similar orbital space stations which are located throughout the galaxy, this Virtupets Space Station was brought to Neopia by Dr. Frank Sloth. Fortunately, the Space Faerie and a bunch of Neopians helped scare him away a few years back, but when Kreludor was discovered, rumors began to spread about his return.

Kreludor - The only moon of Neopia is the home of Purple and Orange Grundos. It's also the only location in the solar system that has rich deposits of Kreludan metal, which is essential for the creation of evil robots and children's toys.

Altador - An ancient, magical world that was shrowded in darkness for 1,000 years and has only recently been discovered.

Lutari Island - A tropical island that floats around the oceans of Neopia and can only be accessed by Neopets users who subscribe to Neopets Mobile.

Jelly World - The only major world which doesn't exist on the map of Neopia. In fact, almost everyone insists that it doesn't even exist! Nobody knows who created it or how, but one thing is for sure... the buildings sure are tasty!!!



Darigan Citadel - Once a peaceful city, the Darigan Citadel was cursed after their mystical Golden Orb was stolen by Meridell's forces. In an desperate attempt to save his people, the cursed Lord Darigan cast a spell on his city which lifted it into the sky and allowed him to wage war on Meridell. He lost and was replaced by Lord Kass, who also failed to defeat Meridell some time later. Lord Darigan has since returned and is working to promote peace between his people and Meridell.

Brightvale - Another medieval world, Brightvale is ruled by King Hagan the Wise. It's got lots of shops and even a game or two, but it's a much smaller kingdom that its war-torn counterpart, Meridell.

Roo Island - The land of the Blumaroos. Roo Island is ruled by King Roo and is the second home of the infamous Count von Roo.

Kiko Lake - A peaceful little location near Neopia Central (that isn't on the Neopian map), Kiko Lake is home to lots of friendly little Kikos.

Geraptiku - An abandoned village hidden deep inside the forests of Mystery Island.