When traveling around the Neopets site, you may notice that many Neopets have tiny pets of their own. These smaller creatures are called Petpets. Every Neopet can have one Petpet attached to it, and every Petpet can be named. Some Petpets can even be used in the Battledome.

    Petpets also allow you to access three other features on the Neopets site. First, with a Petpet you can visit Turmaculus, an enormous Turmac that sleeps twenty-three hours a day. If you wake him up, you could receive Neopoints, items, or Turmaculus may even raise your Petpet's level. If you wake him when he's in a bad mood, though, then your Petpet will get eaten.

    You can also use send a petpet into the Symol Hole to search for treasure. Most of the time, it won't find anything, but sometimes it will find a prize inside, Neopoints, or it may even be changed somehow...

    Your Petpet's level influences two things. First, when using your Petpet in the Two-Player Battledome, the damage you do is multiplied by your Petpet's level (assuming your petpet can be used that way). Second, the higher your Petpet's level, the more damage it will do in the Petpet Arena.

    Lastly, when you have a Petpet, there's a chance it could be chosen as a winner of the weekly Petpet Protection League contest, a competition where you receive Neopoints based on how long your Petpet has been attached to your Neopet.

    One final note... we *strongly* recommend you never bring your Petpet to the Secret Petpet Lab Ray... its effects are completely random, and aside from changing your Petpet's color or species, it could also vaporize your petpet or turn it into a pile of dust. By using this feature, your pet is also disqualified from future PPL competitions.


    Petpetpets are small creatures that live on your petpets! You can only get them through rare random events. In order to attach a petpetpet, you must have it in your inventory. If you continue to refresh, the petpetpet *may* jump onto your petpet. It is completely random.

    Warning: If you remove your petpet, the petpetpet will disappear.

    These are all of the petpetpets currently available:



Lady Blurg
Ewww, is that a moach walking up your Petpets leg? Moach
If you see some blue on your Petpet and it is always scratching you might check for this bug Bumbluz
This little bug makes a grumbling sound.  Many Petpets get scolded when they have a Grumblebug. Grumblebug
Be careful you don	 get too close to this little guy, he tends to bite. Lightmite
This little creature will scribble anything anywhere, keep it away from your pet. Scriblet
Blechy can eat a lot of food, but it tends to come right back up. Blechy
This little guy loves longhaired Petpets.  It has special antlers to part their hair as it moves. Jermite
This guy loves to irritate your Petpets skin with a slime it excretes. Greevix
The Scoach makes your Petpet itch, scratch, and whine. Scoach
This bug lives in the water and favours aquatic Petpets.   Beware if you see him on yours. Jiggybug
Your Petpet just might run in circles crying a lot if this bug gets on it. Pinchit