Neopets Plots

    Every now and then, the Neopets Team releases something extra special for the Neopets community. Collectively known as plots, these activities can further be divided into stories, mysteries, and puzzles.


    Usually during a war or a major event, the Neopets Team will release an exciting series of animations or comics. Every few days over the series of a month or two, a new chapter of the story is released until finally the war or major event is over.


    Every year or so, the Neopets Team devises an ingenious mystery plot to test our wits. Starting out with a series of mysterious events somewhere in Neopia, the mystery can only be solved by finding hidden clues all around the site and figuring out how they're all related. Great prizes are awarded to the first users to solve the plot, so time is always of the essence.


    About once per year, a puzzle is released that requires Neopets users to use a list of clues to figure out exactly what's going on at a certain event. For instance, you know that there are five people at an event where five meals were eaten, five outfits were worn, five gifts were given, and five drinks were served. Using the clues provided, you have to figure out how all of these people and things are related, and once again, the first users to solve the puzzle get great (and valuable) prizes, so it is essential that you find the answers as quickly as possible.