Neopets - The Classes

Account Restrictions

For numerous reasons, the Neopets Team decided a while ago to implement special restrictions on new accounts, some of which continue until the account has been around for a few month. Below is a brief summary of all known restrictions currently placed on new accounts and their approximate duration.


Neopets Actions Allowed

Right Away
  • Create a pet (including LE pets if available)
  • Adopt most pets
  • Play games
  • Buy from user shops
  • RS: Buy from Neopian Shops, Rarity 79 and under.
12 Hours Post replies or new topics on the Neoboards
24 Hours Most Daily To-Do's
48 Hours
72 Hours Have your game scores entered into the High Score Tables
1 Week Vote in the Beauty Contest
10 Days RS: Buy from Neopian Shops, Rarity 84 and under
16 Days RS: Buy from Neopian Shops, Rarity 89 and under
1 Month
  • Collect Monthly Freebies (2,000 NPs + foods)
  • RS: Buy from Neopian Shops, Rarity94 and under
3 Months RS: Buy from Neopian Shops, All Rarities
4 Months
  • Enter the Faerie Queen's Hidden Tower
  • Adopt any pet, including Limited Edition and Painted pets.

For more information about your Neopets Account, please visit the author's Pet Page.

Special thanks to hobbittsy for the information on this page :-)