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Roo Island
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    A small island community, Roo Island is a little larger than its mini-world counterpart, Kiko Lake. Feel free to stop by every now and then, especially if you want to take your chances with Count von Roo...

Dice-A-Roo - An old but enjoyable dice game. When the jackpot gets high, it's definitely worth a try.

Souvenirs - A little store with some Blumaroo-themed items.

Deadly Dice - Between midnight and 1:00 AM, you can challenge Count von Roo to a game of Deadly Dice. If you roll a higher number than him, your pet's level increases... but if you lose, von Roo will drain a level (or more if you both tie during your first roll) from you pet.

Merry Go Round - For 50 NP, your Neopet can take a ride! In return, you're pet may become happier.

Roo Island Properties - The place to go if you want to purchase land to build a Neohome.

Colouring Pages - Coloring pages with a Roo Island theme.