Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb

Newbie Guide - The Deserted Tomb

You slowly make your way through the opening and into the awaiting darkness. The door slams shut behind you. How unexpected.


The tomb presents you with quite a challenge over the next few days. Luckily, you've brought plenty of provisions and have cleverly made your way through every trap you've come across. Your mum would be proud.

Finally, after decyphering all the secrets of the tomb, you're led to the treasure chamber.


You've found it. You've found the treasure of the Lost City of Geraptiku. People you've met once will now be writing to you asking to borrow Neopoints. It's every Neopian's dream.

You search through the treasure and take back what you can carry.

(Tomb Prizes)

You also stuff (RANDOM NUMBER) Neopoints in your pockets!


Show off your good fortune in Geraptiku. Then laugh all the way to the bank.