Neopets - Shops and Auctions

Quick Reference

    In order to keep your Neopet happy, every once and a while you should take the time to play with it. Toys are pretty easy to come by in Neopia, and most people own at least one Fuzzle that can provide hours and hours of enjoyment for your Neopets. Sometimes your Neopet will grow tired of a toy or not like a particular toy to begin with. When this happens, try finding a different toy that your Neopet might want to play with.

    There are hundreds of toys in Neopia, but some of the easiest to get a hold of are plushies (especially Quiggle Plushies), Poogle Toys, and Keyrings, since these are all given out as consolation prizes for different games.

    Remember, your Neopet's happiness is important! If you Neopet becomes too sad, their color might change to BLUE. Also, sad Neopets tend to be magnets for bad Random Events. A little attention a couple of times per week can go a long way, so remember to spend a little time playing with your Neopets on a regular basis.