Neopets - Tyrannia

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    Tyrannia appeared after a massive earthquake on Terror Mountain split the Ice Caves in half. The result crevice was a secret passage to this previously undiscovered country. Shortly after it's discovery, Tyrannia was invaded by evil Tyrannian monsters, as well as a legendary beast known as the Monoceraptor. Fortunately, the enormous creature was stopped before it could cause too much damage; it has not been seen since.

Grarrl Keno - Guess the right numbers, and you could win a huge Neopoint prize!

Village - Visit Tyrammet Village and learn about the history of Tyrannia.

Tyranu Evavu - The Tyrannian version of Higher-Lower. You're shown one card, and the other remains face-down. You have to guess whether the face-down card is higher or lower than the face-up one.

Cave Painting - Tyrannia-themed coloring pages.

Chia Bomber - Fire water balloons at the evil soldiers before they blast you with mud, and leave behind land mines in case they try to follow you.

Volcano Run - Up and down you soar, but can you avoid the falling rocks and molten lava???

Tyrannian Petpets - The place to visit if you want to buy Tyrannian Petpets wholesale.

Mini Golf - Just a simple game of mini-golf. Try to keep your score as low as possible for maximum Neopoints.

Wheel of Mediocrity - *sigh* The wheel turns, but you never win anything exciting...

Tyrannian Furniture - The only store that sells stone, dung, and other prehistoric furniture items.

Tyrannian Food - YUM! Just what you've always wanted! Weird plant life and yummy dinosaur parts!

Concert Hall - After getting a ticket from a user's shop or the Ticket Booth, come here to watch and listen to some of Neopia's most exciting bands!

Ticket Booth - The place to go for tickets to the Concert Hall.

Kacheekers - Checkers... only with a Tyrannian flair!

Pterattack - Destroy the pterodactyls and avoid the enormous Grarrls to make lots of Neopoints, and maybe even win a cool plushie.

Lair of the Beast - Ummm... go in... no, further... no... FURTHER... *sigh* keep going, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you find... or you can just run away like everyone else...

Tyrannian Arena - If you challenge another Neopets user to a battle in the Tyrannian Arena, you must come here to start the match.

Tyrannian Weaponry - The only store that sells prehistory (specifically, fire-themed) weapons and armor which can be used in the Battledome.

Destruct-O-Match II - When two our more blocks of the same color are together, you can double-click them and make them explode. Can you clear each level?

Wheel of Monotony - *yawn* It turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns... *yawn* ...and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns, and turns and turns and turns... don't worry, it'll stop eventually.

Giant Omelette - Visit once a day for a free piece of omelette.

Town Hall - Come here to learn more about the Tyrannian government.

GoGoGo! - A very complex card game in which you really do NOT want to be the last man standing. Get rid of all your cards before your opponents to win the game.


Secret Locations

The Volcano - Originally the third Tyrannian map, this volcano is now abandoned. Only Magnus the Torch lives there now.