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Mission One - Rescue Ginny's Bike
Difficulty: 21
Mission Two - Neohome Nightmare
Difficulty: 32
Mission Three - Kidnapped!
Difficulty: 58
Mission Four - Meuka Attacks!
Difficulty: 60
Mission Five - The Brain Tree's Bad Day
Difficulty: 91
Mission Six - It's a Trap!
Difficulty: 120
Mission Seven - The Tiki Curse
Difficulty: 120
Mission Eight - The Return of Malkus Vile
Difficulty: 150
Mission Nine - Trick or Treat
Difficulty: 250
Mission Ten - Evil Sloth Clone Attack!
Difficulty: 85
Mission Eleven - The Hungry Snow Beast
Difficulty: 300
Mission Twelve - The Even-Hungrier Chomby
Difficulty: 350
Mission Thirteen - Scratch That Itch
Difficulty: 375
Mission Fourteen - The Kastraliss
Difficulty: 400
Mission Fifteen - The Monster Slug
Difficulty: 500
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user posted image Mission Sixteen - The Drenched
Difficulty: 600
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Mission Seventeen - The Qasalan Mummy
Difficulty: 550
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