Welcome to our "Return of Dr. Sloth" page! Here is where we will post all of the major information we know about the plot, the war, and the discovery of Kreludor. We hope it helps!


    Kreludor is the moon of Neopia. It was discovered in 2004 when the orbit of the Virtupets Space Station took it dangerously close to the previously unexplored object known to millions today. Kreludor is the home of both orange and purple Grundos, and is best known for its rich deposits of Kreludan metal. In mid-2004, the Neopets Team was going to start a plot featuring Kreludor and the return of Dr. Sloth, but it was suspended until a later date which has yet to be named. We can definitely expect lots of new goodies on Kreludor soon, though, as the secrets of this world are only just starting to be uncovered.


    There are a few unique heroes that we should point out for this plot. Two of the main ones appear to be Gorix the Blue Grundo and Cylara the Orange Cybunny. Then there's Commander Gormos, who works for Dr. Sloth, but is apparently a traitor... Obviously, the Space Faerie may be included in this war.


    Skipping over Commander Gormos, there are a few villains that we should probably mention as they will most likely be opponents in the upcoming war...


    And of course, who could possibly forget our old friend War Minion Rank 3??? He randomly appeared in a news report a few years ago, and nothing ever came of it...

    *UPDATE* There is currently a Kreludan Defender at the Kreludan Mine on Kreludor. Unlike the model seen above, though, this model is S750. This particular robot pictured below will not let you enter the mine without an authorization code.



    It appears as if Kreludor is currenty in the midst of a civil war between the Purple Grundos and the Orange Grundos.

    *UPDATE* The light side of Kreludor, that is, the side that faces Neopia, is the home of the Orange Grundos. On the map, you can see some purple substance on Kreludor. Perhaps the Purple Grundos can be found on the other side of Kreludor.

    When Sloth arrives and threatens them, however, they call a ceasefire and unite against him.

    Dr. Sloth is an obvious threat to all Grundos everywhere, but this time he is also a threat to Kreludor and Neopia. Judging from the text and pictures of some cards, it appears as if there is a school trip to the Virtupets Space Station on the day of Sloth's return. This would explain why Cylara is involved, and why her card says that she can't wait to tell her friends at school about what she's doing.

    The "Landing Party" card indicates that Sloth will arrive with some baddies, Commander Gormos, and at least one Sloth Clone. From there, he may or may not access Neopet v2's program to gain further access to the Space Station. From here, he will be able to use the resources of the Space Station to launch an attack on Kreludor, Neopia, and anyone who tries to stop him.

    Sloth's attempted invasion will not go off with out a hitch. There will be many who try to stop him. Many of the Experienced Neopets in this set are great examples of that. There are also some definite wild cards in this plot. For instance, the Garoo Elite... they appear to be minions of Commander Garoo, a known villain from previous deck. However, the card "Unmask" indicates that a Sloth Clone may be used to impersonate one of the mighty soldiers. Whether a Villain impersonating a Villain is relevant to the plot, we shall soon find out.

    Although it's still unclear what brings about the actual end of Dr. Sloth (if it happens this time or not), it's likely that the Virtupets Space Station will not survive the encounter. Ever since its arrival in orbit around Neopia, it has been a threat to the safety of Neopians everywhere. This single card could mean the demise of Neopet v2, the Virtupets Orbital Space Station #4, and possibly Dr. Frank Sloth forever more...

    And, although it's too soon to tell, we are VERY hopeful that this plot will bring about a MAJOR revamp of the Virtupets map.


    This is all of the available information we've been able to gather thus far. As more becomes available, we'll add it to this page with an update notice on our New Features page. We hope this helped!


Random Fact...

One of the trading cards from this expansion set says that Grundos lived happily on Kreludor. In previous plots, Grundos are from the planet Doran. This is taken from that plot:

We are the grundos.

We used to live in harmony and peace on the planet Doran.
One day Dr. Sloth came to our planet and transformed everyone in to evil grundos. Now we live in chaos and violence.

We only live to serve our master, the evil Dr. Sloth.