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JellyNeo's Guide to the Darkest Faerie Plot

*UPDATE* The Neopets Team, has changed the name of this world from Talador to Altador.

    Altador is a magical world that exists on the other side of Neopia. Long ago, the Darkest Faerie came to Altador and cast a spell on it that plunged the island into eternal night. Fortunately, the Darkest Faerie was stopped by Fyora the Faerie Queen with the help of Jerdana's Orb, a powerful relic which imprisoned the Darkest Faerie in stone for 1,000 years!

    The Darkest Faerie now sits with Jerdana's Orb around her neck at the bottom of the Neopian ocean near the ruins of Maraqua.

    Altador was released on March 1st, 2006. We will continue posting information about this exciting new world as it becomes available.

    The story of Altador also involves dangerous creatures known as werelupes. Ruled by the Werelupe King, these powerful creatures will stand in the way of anyone who dares to double-cross their master...

    Below are some images related to this world and the stories about it:

NOTE: This is NOT Mirror Altador...