The Tale of Woe

The Tale of Woe - Battledome Opponents

This is a list of Battledome opponents from the 2006 Tale of Woe Plot.

Character Picture Description Location Difficulty
Ominous Stones Ominous Stones. 8
Macabre Stones Macabre Stones. 10
Furious Stones Furious Stones. 12
Black Elm Black Elm. 15
Blathering Beech Blathering Beech. 30
Savage Sycamore Savage Sycamore. 50
Herman Dorfdrap Herman Dorfdrap. 55
Bennie the Jub Bennie the Jub. 100
Disgruntled Townspeople Disgruntled Townspeople. 200
Shrieking Shadow Shrieking Shadow. 50
Creeping Shadows Creeping Shadows. 75
Malevolent Shadow Malevolent Shadow. 150
Mayor Thumburt He was elected to be mayor of the town, but who ever really wants to be just mayor? 1000
Mayor Thumburt Mayor Thumburt. 100000
Mayor Thumburt Mayor Thumburt. 100000