The Neopian Neggery

The Neopian Neggery

Welcome to the Neggery! Well I bet the first question on your lips will be, what on earth is a neggery??? Just bring me your ordinary, boring neggs, and I will trade them in for powerful, magical ones!!!

Hope this helps!

Negg Locations


Glamour Negg - Grooming Parlour, Password = negg

Chocolate Negg - Chocolate Factory, Password = negg, Friday and Saturday only

Slimy Negg - Spooky Foods, Password = negg

Genius Negg - Wise Old King, Question = Who created Mirror Neopia?, Answer = fyora

Fireball Negg - Tyrannian Volcano

Faerie Queen Negg - Hidden Tower

Ultimate Icy Negg - Snowager (while asleep), Friday only

Rainbow Negg -  Rainbow Pool

Crystal Negg - Ice Crystal Shop, Password = negg

Sloth Negg - Hive/space/secret_hatch7b.htm


SATURDAY (two of today's must be asked for by name)

Armoured Negg - Hive/moon/mining94.htm

Jelly Negg - Giant Jelly, Saturday only

Cheese Negg - Cheeseroller!, Password = cheesenegg

Smiley Negg - Grumpy Old King, Question = What will make King Skarl laugh?, Answer = afunnyjoke

Witchy Negg - Complete Edna's Quest, Negg Munch could be found @ Tyrannian Town Hall, Password = neggmuncher

Ultra Icy Negg - Snowager (while asleep), Saturday and Sunday

Pirate Negg - Krawk Fashions, hovering your cursor over the image revealed the code

Jeweled Negg - Inside Sutek's Tomb, Password = 2757a7419

Combomelon Negg - Play Tombola

Glass Negg - Brightvale Glaziers, Password = glassnegg



Pink Negg - Top of Explore page

Fish Negg - Click on one of the windows in New Maraqua

Icestorm Negg - Complete the Snow Faerie's Quest, go to the Ice Cream Cart in Happy Valley, click on the vendor, and use the Rare Item Code from the Snowager Ice Lolly on the Snow Faerie's web address. Password = 283_437

Mummified Negg - Sakhmet Palace, Password = coltzan

Tyrannian Water Negg - Click on the water balloon on the main Tyrannia map.

Decorative Negg - Secret Ninja Training School, decipher the markings on the door, Password = vuxcuikewshozed

Cackling Negg - Lord Kass's Quarters, Hive/medieval/room13_.htm, Password = negg

Melted Chocolate Negg - Chocolate Factory, Sunday only, Password = negg

Rock Negg - Behind a Boulder on Kreludor

Ghost Negg - Haunted House